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Cortana Intelligence for Enterprise Data

Accelerate the last leg of digital transformation with Cortana for BI,AI & ML initiatives

Business Intelligence, AI & ML

Leverage the power of data with MS BI, PowerBI, and Azure ML offerings on the cloud

OptiSol has built expertise over the years in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics services for enterprises and we also offer AI & ML applications with the MS Azure ML platform.


Predictive Analytics

Leverage Azure Machine Learning Studio to easily build, deploy and share predictive analytics solutions


Visualize ML

Visualize and interact with Azure Machine Learning Models and Power BI to render predictive analytics and visuals


AI powered Application

Build and deploy AI into applications as built-in packages, Algorithms and Machine Learning APIs to handle and integrate solutions for everyday problems


Cognitive Services

Build Smart Interactive services using advanced text, speech and other recognition systems

MS BI – OptiSol Offerings

OptiSol has a strong team of Microsoft experts with an average experience of 5+ years in Business Intelligence and Data warehousing. We have assisted many large enterprises, SME, and startup in accelerating their digital transformation journey using end to end Microsoft offerings

  • Build enterprise dashboards and reporting systems with data aggregated from multiple applications on the cloud and on-premises.
  • Data services using Microsoft BI services – SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS
  • Data visualization services using PowerBI on the cloud
  • AI & ML services using Azure ML services
  • Computer vision using Azure ML for facial, gender, age, and other attribute recognition and provide meaningful information and dashboards

Cortana – Intelligent Journey

Building an intelligence layer and providing meaningful insights to stakeholders involves a series of steps and our team of BI and ML experts can assist you in this journey

Analyze your existing technology ecosystem and identify and integrate with data sources

Identify various apps and sensors as a data source and extract for analysis

Leverage Cortana Intelligence with data from previous two phases

Get actionable insights via digital tools and feed for automated systems

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